The best evaluation of any parenting philosophy is found in the overall results. New and expectant parents ought to consider, evaluate, and decide for themselves which philosophy is most consistent with biblical thought. Review the options, examine all the alternative theories, observe the end product, and make an informed decision.


Infant : A Summary of Preparation for Parenting (Birth to six months)


What is Parent-Directed Feeding (PDF)?
It is a proactive approach to infant care. It creates and maintains healthy patterns for your baby, which enhance all phases of development. At the same time, PDF is flexible enough to meet the growing emotional needs of the child through infancy and the toddler years. The PDF plan involves more than just feeding a baby. It is a twenty-four hour strategy designed not only to meet the baby’s needs, but those of the entire family. PDF is made up of three basic activities that are repeated in rhythmical cycle throughout the day: feeding time, wake time, and nap time.









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